So I’m dating this guy, right?  I’ll call him the Mexican.  This morning he called me on my way to work and when I got there he said, “Okay, well, text me… email me… call me… Just do anything that ends with ‘me.'”

What a perfect category name for every single post I’ll make on this blog!

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16 thoughts on “Atención!

  1. Welcome back! LUMI!

  2. Nice to see you back in the game!

  3. simplyjamie

    Am so glad you are back!

  4. Hey dear…glad you’re back. Here’s to a new beginning!!

  5. Yea! Good for you! I knew you woldn’t leaves s for long. We’re just too damn entertaining. Not to mention we love you.

  6. Yay! you’re back! You’ll have to give me an updated mailing address so I can keep you on my postcard penpal list!
    Can’t wait to see more here!

  7. It’s the code of the road. Good to hear from ya!

  8. That’s a big 10-4! :)

  9. I’m glad you found a safe place to blog! Wow, we have more in common right now than you know! ;)

  10. Glad you’re back!

  11. ocheree

    Glad to see you back!

  12. Just Beachy

    Welcome back.

  13. Meredith

    Let’s get on the road! *hugs*

  14. So glad you didn’t just disappear into the wild blue yonder … you’re back in the game on all fronts, so good to hear that.

  15. Have missed reading your tidbits. Hope you’re doing well…

  16. This ‘me’ thing mademe think of Kimora Simmons, there is an ad for her show and she says ‘me me me me me’… I plonk down on the couch and when the kids speak to me I simply reply ‘It’s all about me, me, me’ of course, you have to say ‘me’ in a different tone each time ;->

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