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Everything from O to Z

The Mexican said he’d drive me anywhere I wanted to go this past weekend and did I know where I wanted to go?  DID I?  THE WIZARD OF OZ MUSEUM in Wamego, Kansas… yeah baby!

I’ve only been wanting to go there since… forever!

Our destination as it appears on their website.  (The place really does look like this.  You enter the museum through the screen door of Dorothy’s old Kansas house… and instantly you’re in beautiful, colorful Munchkinland)…

Then you meander through the whole thing and end up exiting another door onto her porch.  Which, I have a bone to pick with the movie (or maybe the book – I can’t remember how it describes it).  But *I* think when she wakes up everything should then remain in color.  I understand the grayness at the beginning, but the end should definitely be in color.  Anyone who understands the story would agree.  Hrmph.

House on witch:

Tornadoes make her sweaty:

The scarecrow was terribly real-looking.  I kept thinking he was going to yell BOO like some haunted house character.

The Tin Man was always my favorite but I’m just not feeling him anymore.

I mean, I still love him.  Any man who cares so much about a heart is a man after my own heart…but my favorite Oz character is now Glinda.  No idea.

I’m frightened, Auntie Em!  I’m frightened!

Pay no attention to that girl in front of the curtains.

This huge picture was so cool.  At first I thought it was made out of millions of dots…

But it was made out of words – Wizard of Oz words – It’s the book!

My favorite, the Good Witch of the North:

She’s so cool.

When you exit the house/museum, THIS is what greets you:

He could tell he had a heart.  “Cause now it’s breaking.”  Aww!

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Spread the Word

Check out the trollop I stared at all through lunch on Sunday:

And yes, that’s a Badge of Courage the Mexican’s wearing from the Oz Museum.

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Blushing Spring

The weekend capped off a fabulous week.  A week in which I started getting used to my new job and I like it better than the old one.

My temp agency spoils me… they brought me a blue gift bag on my first day at this place with things like pens and a stress ball and mints.  Then last week they brought me a baggie of chocolates.

Because it was Secretarys’ Day.  I mean “Administrative Professionals’ Day.”  None of the other admins’ agencies brought them anything.  Aww, don’t hate.

But the weekend was killer.  I’ll leave you for now with this teaser:  Roadtrip!  The Wizard of Oz!  The Mexican!  Surfing Toto’s!

Oh my!

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So Gay

My sister’s little boy is in a Kindergarten class with four Gabe’s and the teacher uses their last name’s initial to tell them apart.  So my sister was taking my nephew to one of the Gabes’ houses for a birthday party recently and she said goodbye to her husband telling him, “We’re going to Gabe R’s!”  And then wondered why he looked at her funny as she was leaving with their 5-year old. (Say it out loud).

That reminded me of something that happened when my kid was in Kindergarten.  I had signed up to help at an all-school assembly and was told to check in with the president of the PTA (a woman named Gay).  I got there, had no idea who I was looking for, but saw someone who looked to be in charge.  “ARE YOU GAY?” I inquired.

And I’m pretty confident that is the weirdest-sounding thing I’ve hollered at another parent across a gymnasium in all the years up until her current, senior year.

I only wish this guy would’ve heard me…

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Traffic Backs Up (ha)

A note on my drive home from work…

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When You’re Good, You’re Good

I noticed this on a dollar bill in my wallet:

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

I’ve been giving the teenager more and more responsibility and to whom much is given, much is required.  Right?  I can tell she’s been frustrated by my pulling back on the babying.  This morning as she was leaving for school she shouted:  “Will you water my plants?”  When I replied in the negative she whined, “But I don’t have time and I work tonight and they need to be watered!”

“Hey, you started those things, they’re your babies not mine, and you need to take care of your own things.  You have to get used to doing everything for yourself before you leave for college.”

She ranted how she’s been doing EVERYthing for herself now and she just wanted to know if I’d do that ONE LITTLE THING and then she and her hair flew out the door.

Three minutes later she called.

“Mommy?  Can you do me a favor?  I forgot my Spanish book…”

“Then come back and get it.  So you’ll be a few minutes late to school.”

“But you always bring the stuff I forget!”

Not this time, 12th grader.  Oh, she’s testing me.  Just about an hour later I got this text:  “My fingers are swelling up.  I was outside helping with the nature trail.  What should I do?”

Fingers swelling?  What the heck? But I calmly texted her to wash them and go see the nurse.  Of course now I’m biting my nails wondering what is wrong with her hands.  Dang it’s hard to let them take care of things themselves.

I’m not watering those.

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Wipe Out

I love my parents.  Recently my sister and I both did one of those email “one-word-description” surveys and for mom she put compassionate, I put loving.  For dad she put giving, I put protective.  We love them!

But recently they really pissed me off.

They’ve lived in the same house for almost 30 years so it’s filled with memories and I don’t want them to update certain things, which is inevitable since my dad is constantly working on his projects.

But I can’t believe he messed with this:

Thank God I have pictures of it!  Because they cleared the whole thing off!

That was our growth chart door that recorded sis and my heights since we moved there, all the grandkids since, and mom’s weird inch-gain, then 2-inch loss in her 60’s.  “I’m shrinking.  It’ll happen to you, too.”

This, I love:  Dad typed up all the names, dates, and heights in a word document that he printed and laminated so I couldn’t be mad.  “What? All the information is saved on the document!”

Oh, dad.  Did you really have to sand the door down and re-stain it, though, too?

Confusingly, they started all over and measured my sister’s family before they moved to Tucson and have begun getting everyone who comes over back up on the door.  Of course I asked why but they don’t have an answer for why.  I would’ve preferred the messy masking tape with all the history, but I do admire my parents’ desire for fresh, clean slates every once in a while.

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