Smells Like Teen Spirit

I’ve been giving the teenager more and more responsibility and to whom much is given, much is required.  Right?  I can tell she’s been frustrated by my pulling back on the babying.  This morning as she was leaving for school she shouted:  “Will you water my plants?”  When I replied in the negative she whined, “But I don’t have time and I work tonight and they need to be watered!”

“Hey, you started those things, they’re your babies not mine, and you need to take care of your own things.  You have to get used to doing everything for yourself before you leave for college.”

She ranted how she’s been doing EVERYthing for herself now and she just wanted to know if I’d do that ONE LITTLE THING and then she and her hair flew out the door.

Three minutes later she called.

“Mommy?  Can you do me a favor?  I forgot my Spanish book…”

“Then come back and get it.  So you’ll be a few minutes late to school.”

“But you always bring the stuff I forget!”

Not this time, 12th grader.  Oh, she’s testing me.  Just about an hour later I got this text:  “My fingers are swelling up.  I was outside helping with the nature trail.  What should I do?”

Fingers swelling?  What the heck? But I calmly texted her to wash them and go see the nurse.  Of course now I’m biting my nails wondering what is wrong with her hands.  Dang it’s hard to let them take care of things themselves.

I’m not watering those.

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6 thoughts on “Smells Like Teen Spirit

  1. *new Mantra*
    Lather, rinse repeat.

    My Ex-Girlfriends kids are both a fucking mess because Mom does EVERYTHING, including their homework! It is sickening! Do not give in to urge to enable!

  2. keepontruckin

    Nightmare, I totally agree. Even to the point of when I say “I’m not watering those,” I meant neither the plants NOR THE DOG shown in the pic. Those are HER DOGS. Hrmph.

  3. awww. Tay just turned 16 yesterday…I think she will have to train me to let her go….lol

  4. Oh good. I’ve always felt like such a horrible mom seeing how much you did for your kid compared to how little I do for my brood. ha. No, for me it was easy to make the girls take responsibility for things, its been harder for me with the boys. Isn’t that weird? You’d think it would be the opposite. *shrug*

    But is she ok? What was going on with her fingers?

  5. keepontruckin

    She had some sort of allergic reaction that made them swell and hurt.. but it went away after the nurse put her hands on ice. I died laughing when she said her classmates were saying “Oh my God. You have alien hands!” I wish I could’ve seen -lol.

  6. Spyder

    ALWAYS have water for the dogs!!!!! Or I will beat you. Love you!

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