Wipe Out

I love my parents.  Recently my sister and I both did one of those email “one-word-description” surveys and for mom she put compassionate, I put loving.  For dad she put giving, I put protective.  We love them!

But recently they really pissed me off.

They’ve lived in the same house for almost 30 years so it’s filled with memories and I don’t want them to update certain things, which is inevitable since my dad is constantly working on his projects.

But I can’t believe he messed with this:

Thank God I have pictures of it!  Because they cleared the whole thing off!

That was our growth chart door that recorded sis and my heights since we moved there, all the grandkids since, and mom’s weird inch-gain, then 2-inch loss in her 60’s.  “I’m shrinking.  It’ll happen to you, too.”

This, I love:  Dad typed up all the names, dates, and heights in a word document that he printed and laminated so I couldn’t be mad.  “What? All the information is saved on the document!”

Oh, dad.  Did you really have to sand the door down and re-stain it, though, too?

Confusingly, they started all over and measured my sister’s family before they moved to Tucson and have begun getting everyone who comes over back up on the door.  Of course I asked why but they don’t have an answer for why.  I would’ve preferred the messy masking tape with all the history, but I do admire my parents’ desire for fresh, clean slates every once in a while.

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5 thoughts on “Wipe Out

  1. OH! I can’t believe they did that! I have a closet door that I use for measuring the kids and my plan is to take the whole door with me if we ever move. I wonder if somehow you just get less sentimental as time goes by. I found an envelope with Cheyenne’s umbilical cord stump in it and my first thought was more EW than AW.

  2. keepontruckin

    I think, with my parents, they’ve definitely gotten less sentimental! Although I don’t think mom was ever very sentimental with “things.” (What do you say, sis?) When anyone ever compliments her on a possession she says “here, you can have it!” But this isn’t a thing, it’s a story. I fucking love that you’re taking the door with you if you move. I’ll hold you to that!

  3. My Grandparents have an area on one wall at their cabin where everyone was measured and marked. I hope when they pass away and my uncle gets their cabin that he leaves it up because it’s so fun to look at.

  4. ocheree

    I swear I’ve seen your parents before somewhere – where do they live?

  5. keepontruckin's sis

    You know Dad…always looking for a new project!! :)

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