So Gay

My sister’s little boy is in a Kindergarten class with four Gabe’s and the teacher uses their last name’s initial to tell them apart.  So my sister was taking my nephew to one of the Gabes’ houses for a birthday party recently and she said goodbye to her husband telling him, “We’re going to Gabe R’s!”  And then wondered why he looked at her funny as she was leaving with their 5-year old. (Say it out loud).

That reminded me of something that happened when my kid was in Kindergarten.  I had signed up to help at an all-school assembly and was told to check in with the president of the PTA (a woman named Gay).  I got there, had no idea who I was looking for, but saw someone who looked to be in charge.  “ARE YOU GAY?” I inquired.

And I’m pretty confident that is the weirdest-sounding thing I’ve hollered at another parent across a gymnasium in all the years up until her current, senior year.

I only wish this guy would’ve heard me…

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3 thoughts on “So Gay

  1. keepontruckin's sis

    That’s funny about you asking “Are you Gay?” I’m wondering, did you get the right woman or just a strange look?? ha ha

  2. Next time say: “Is your name Gay?”

  3. keepontruckin

    Sis: I did get the right woman. :)

    Spyder: NOW you tell me!

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