Blushing Spring

The weekend capped off a fabulous week.  A week in which I started getting used to my new job and I like it better than the old one.

My temp agency spoils me… they brought me a blue gift bag on my first day at this place with things like pens and a stress ball and mints.  Then last week they brought me a baggie of chocolates.

Because it was Secretarys’ Day.  I mean “Administrative Professionals’ Day.”  None of the other admins’ agencies brought them anything.  Aww, don’t hate.

But the weekend was killer.  I’ll leave you for now with this teaser:  Roadtrip!  The Wizard of Oz!  The Mexican!  Surfing Toto’s!

Oh my!

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4 thoughts on “Blushing Spring

  1. I thought for a moment you were still wearing a tag :-)

  2. keepontruckin

    I am! You’d buy me, right?

  3. I’d be concerned about the breath mints … hmmmmmmmm. I like your agency tho and am so happy to hear you’re enjoying this job.

    Have a fabulous week. (Yes it’s Tuesday here, but yesterday was a public holiday, so it’s kinda Monday and Thursday will be Friday … lol)

  4. Yea! Life sounds great for you!

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