Spread the Word

Check out the trollop I stared at all through lunch on Sunday:

And yes, that’s a Badge of Courage the Mexican’s wearing from the Oz Museum.

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8 thoughts on “Spread the Word

  1. Brenda

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAA – that is funny. I bet she would just die if she knew you had a picture of her sitting like that.

  2. Okay, that made me laugh.

    She’s all, “Check it out!” While her dinner companion is all, “How can I get a warm up on this coffee?”

  3. OMG!! poor thing!

  4. Ha! That right there is what my mom would call a wanton hussy. *snort*

  5. And i can’t belive you made me look at her! that was sick.

  6. Where are we going next Gringa?

  7. keepontruckin

    Mexican: “What does an old lady’s snatch smell like?” ;-) Also… I will definitely have no problem coming up with our next destination. No problema!

  8. 1. Depends…
    2. How about Mexico City? ;-)

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