Everything from O to Z

The Mexican said he’d drive me anywhere I wanted to go this past weekend and did I know where I wanted to go?  DID I?  THE WIZARD OF OZ MUSEUM in Wamego, Kansas… yeah baby!

I’ve only been wanting to go there since… forever!

Our destination as it appears on their website.  (The place really does look like this.  You enter the museum through the screen door of Dorothy’s old Kansas house… and instantly you’re in beautiful, colorful Munchkinland)…

Then you meander through the whole thing and end up exiting another door onto her porch.  Which, I have a bone to pick with the movie (or maybe the book – I can’t remember how it describes it).  But *I* think when she wakes up everything should then remain in color.  I understand the grayness at the beginning, but the end should definitely be in color.  Anyone who understands the story would agree.  Hrmph.

House on witch:

Tornadoes make her sweaty:

The scarecrow was terribly real-looking.  I kept thinking he was going to yell BOO like some haunted house character.

The Tin Man was always my favorite but I’m just not feeling him anymore.

I mean, I still love him.  Any man who cares so much about a heart is a man after my own heart…but my favorite Oz character is now Glinda.  No idea.

I’m frightened, Auntie Em!  I’m frightened!

Pay no attention to that girl in front of the curtains.

This huge picture was so cool.  At first I thought it was made out of millions of dots…

But it was made out of words – Wizard of Oz words – It’s the book!

My favorite, the Good Witch of the North:

She’s so cool.

When you exit the house/museum, THIS is what greets you:

He could tell he had a heart.  “Cause now it’s breaking.”  Aww!

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5 thoughts on “Everything from O to Z

  1. You know what I love the most? The part where you said he’d drive you anywhere you’d want to go. What an awfully nice thing.

    (And not to sound too high school, but you guys look pretty cute together.)

  2. Cute picture of you too. I thought about dragging my mom there, but it’s like an 8 hour drive according to the internet, so I’m not sure about that.

  3. I am so freaking happy for you!

    He’s a lucky man.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I’m jealous!!!

  5. I saw the word “ass” on the closeup, it’s on Dorothy’s right shoulder:)
    I need to go there, thanks for posting the pics!

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