Emeralds and Rubies and Her Little Dog, Too

We’re not done yet.  Wamego, Kansas has lots of themed Wizard of Oz businesses.  There’s the Poppyfield Art Gallery (zzzz) and JavOZo’s Coffee Bar.  Here’s Emerald City Market.  And me!

For lunch we ate here:

The place was the weirdest amalgamation of ‘Mexican restaurant’ and ‘Toto’ decor.  It couldn’t decide if it was Cancun or Kansas!  For instance, there was a gigantic beach mural on one wall… but if you looked closely there was a tiny Toto surfing towards the shore.  There was a big sombrero filled with tropical fruits and flowers… stamped with Toto’s and sunflowers all around.

Speaking of sombreros, look what flew off Toto’s head in this mural copying a classic picture from the book:


I appreciate clever logos.  Lookit!  Emerald City from wine bottles!!:

Aside from nature… (inside from nature?)… there is just nothing prettier to me than all the jewel colors in a winery.  And the Oz Winery has the cutest wine names ever.

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5 thoughts on “Emeralds and Rubies and Her Little Dog, Too

  1. You look so happy! I love it!

    I cannot believe the Mexican wore that courage thingy all day.. lol

  2. keepontruckin

    He wore it all WEEKEND. :)

  3. Brenda

    I told you Wizard of Oz is evil….

  4. keepontruckin

    And Brenda, I told YOU I don’t wanna hear it! Plugging my ears…. lalalalalalalaaaa….

  5. Sounds like you guys had a blast!

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