THERE’S my cat.

Okay, my yard’s getting mowed as we speak (my lawn mower is broken).  Ex-brother-in-law’s can be fantastic things.

He’s still working on the back…

Poor guy.

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6 thoughts on “THERE’S my cat.

  1. So I’m a bit behind or confused … did you move? or is this the house ‘you and he’ lived in last? Help!

    But yeah, the lawn can wait and hooray for ex-bil’s.


  2. keepontruckin

    I still live in our house because it hasn’t SOLD YET!

  3. Did your realtor call you and yell at you about your lawn? I thought the overgrown grass lent sort of a little house on the prairie feel. ha.

  4. keepontruckin

    Exactly, Michele! But then I think dandelions are pretty… And no, my realtor has been really nice and patient. She knows my situation. Off to work! I will try SO HARD to email you tonight Coffeesoup Chick! :)

  5. We’re trying to sell our house too, and it’s so depressing. I’ve been looking at real estate in WA and I don’t mind buying a house with an overgrown lawn, or bad landscaping, but it’s the neighbors that are scaring me away from buying some houses. I can fix my own lawn after I buy it, but I’m not moving next to someone who never waters theirs.

  6. Oh, thanks for letting me know. I do hope a seller comes along soon … we’re looking to buy but damn, you won’t believe we’ve looked at 100 houses and not found ‘the one’. We thought we had and put in an offer, but there was some fishy business going on and it fell through. Now we’re back on the hunt in an economic recession and the realtors are so damned lazy! i get the feeling that when we pitch up in my small little car they think we’re ‘reaching’ when in fact the man can afford the bond on his pat-malon!

    Tomorrow we’re viewing another two … hold thumbs, send up good vibes!

    Here’s hoping and praying for you sweetums :-)

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