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This Weekend?

  • 4 hours getting my hair turned from blond to brunette.
  • 3 naps.
  • 1 duck derby.

Kicking ass:


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Breakfast Club

Some people at work say they have no time at all to eat breakfast before they leave the house so they come in and eat something at the office.

I said I ate a bowl of cereal at home every morning and Leigh Ann was surprised.  “You have time for that?  What, like while you’re getting drunk in the morning?  Haha – drunk – I meant ‘dressed.'”

Just what are they saying about me?

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Looking Backward into the Future

My parents graduating college together in 1952 (same year as their first date, which was in January):

My daughter and her boyfriend graduating high school together last month:

They’re going to the same college as each other in the fall so we’ll see what happens.

My parents are still together.

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History always repeats itself. Sort of.

In 1952, my mom and dad went on their first date and shared a Coca-Cola with two straws out of one of those (now) old-fashioned contoured glasses.

This weekend, the Mexican and I went on our hundred-somethingth date and shared a margarita with two straws out of a fishbowl.

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