History always repeats itself. Sort of.

In 1952, my mom and dad went on their first date and shared a Coca-Cola with two straws out of one of those (now) old-fashioned contoured glasses.

This weekend, the Mexican and I went on our hundred-somethingth date and shared a margarita with two straws out of a fishbowl.

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6 thoughts on “History always repeats itself. Sort of.

  1. How cute are you two? You both look like you have happy eyes.

  2. I am glad you shared it, it was pretty damn big for just you ;-)

  3. El Mexican

    Dear Gringa : it’s “EL Mexican” not “The Mexican” are you forgeting your spanglish??

  4. keepontruckin

    Sweet comment, Korinna. :) And Nuke… we did get three… Mexican, you know I can only think of you as THEE Mexican or MY Mexican!

  5. Brenda

    It wasn’t that big – I almost had one on my own lol. That was so much fun.

  6. Looking happy there with your Mexicano. :-)

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