2 More Days!

Born in July, as a kid I was jealous of classmates who got to bring cupcakes and have the teacher and the whole class celebrate non-summer birthdays.  So once I started working I loved jobs where they brought cakes in on birthdays.  I love my birthday!  I will never not want to celebrate how old I am!  Not working for 7 years allowed me to forget about cards “from all of us” and that wonderfully awkwardly wonderful way it feels to be the center of attention.

So when I walked in the break room this morning and saw this note it made me cry…

(…seriously, real tears.  Crying is the new black for me this year).

I foresee a birthday cake for me on Thursday.  Stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “2 More Days!

  1. They really wrote “Amazing Krissy” ? They love you!!!!! Happy Birthday girl!

  2. Oh yay! You ARE amazing and I’m glad your new co-workers think so too :)

  3. Brenda

    I think they meant they are amazed that you are only 41 – HAHAHAHAHA just kidd’n remember it is my job to keep your feet on the ground. I love you and happy birthday!!!!!!

  4. Awesome that they’ve found out what us ‘net buddie’s’ have known about you for years!!! Happiness!!!!!

  5. It rhymes!!! that’s sweet, have a great 41st :)

  6. My small group of coworkers (6 including myself) always celebrates birthdays with breakfast or lunch and cake. I hope you have a great bday celebration.

  7. Happy birthday!

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