Hauling Ass

We have contact!  I have the internet!  (big exhale).  Geez, that sucked – that moving thing.  At some point in the last days of packing up a house to move to a bitty townhome/apartment, I cried to the Mexican that I didn’t think I could do it.  I’ve been working steady overtime and I felt completely drained and exhausted.

The Mexican said to me he knew I could do it.  “And you know how I know?  Because you have to.”

But he also said to not worry because he had my back.  And boy did he come through.  I don’t see how Andrea and I would now be in our new home if it wasn’t for his coordinating the move.

And driving the uhaul.

Where will I go next?

Aw, I think I’ll settle into this cute little townhouse I’ve been trying to clean and organize in the evenings.  I just may stay here for awhile.

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7 thoughts on “Hauling Ass

  1. El mexican

    Can I stay with you? :-(

  2. Give El Mexican a hug for me! What a guy!!!! I’m sure you will make the new place all cute & stuff.

  3. Brenda

    What does your Mexican have on his schedule for May 8, 2010? I have graduation at around 2pm I think – and I have to be out of my university housing apartment by 6pm. How is that for a big ol’ thank you for 6 years of rent, thousands of dollars in tuition and hundreds of dollars in parking fines?

  4. Brenda

    Opps – sorry did I just make that all about me? Congrats on getting moved – I hope to have an update soon on when we can come down – you guys should shoot for the fair but Jud has to work weekends and can’t take off for both KC and fair. dangit and I know you guys have to work during the week.

  5. As soon as you get settled be sure to post pics of your new place:)

  6. Well, or California! That’s where you SHOULD go next anyway. :) Glad you got all moved in and thank God you got your internet back. I was dying without you. DYING, I tell you!

  7. Welcome back and I am glad the Mexican had your back … he sounds like a hot hunny for sure :-) Hugz

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