The Hello Girl

I tossed around a couple of other blogs before landing here and I’m ready to share with the Blogosphere again.  Is it still called that?

Was I single last time we chatted?  That’s the main way I’ve always thought of myself… single or in love.  My more emotionally independent sisters are sighing.  Can’t help it.  I’d much rather be in love.  The fact that I’m not right now makes me sad way harder than I wish, but in other ways my life does have good things.  I have a view off my apartment balcony that some mornings makes me cry from the beauty.  (More crying?  How bad do I suck!)

I’m 41 now.  Andrea’s 18 and away at college.  Here I am waiting for my yearly mammogram:

Another good thing?  My boob doctor is hot.  Breasts still normal, too.  /shrug

I have to share apartment pictures.  I went from a house with 17 windows to this place with 4.  Do you know how freeing that has been?  Incredibly.  (See?  Another good thing.  I’ll try to focus on those but not TOO much cause, you know, boring blog if life is all butterflies out my ass).

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6 thoughts on “The Hello Girl

  1. Brenda

    I don’t think boring is the word I would use from Butterflies out your ass.

  2. Hey! I didn’t know you were blogging here. I seen a visit come to my site from your blogroll.

    Look at your hair! It’s so long and dark…did you color it?

    My boob person was a lady. :( Not sure if that was good or bad.

    I love Andrea’s dorm room pictures. Makes me want to go away to college or at least wish I would have gone to begin with!

  3. Haha, Brenda!

    Hi Candi! Great to hear from you! Yeah, I haven’t told many about this blog, yet – haven’t had time. I did color my hair and Andrea doesn’t want me to ever cut it. The other day she said she wants me to one day be a granny with long gray hair. ??? Just out of the blue she said that. LOL. I don’t know about long and gray, but I like it long for now. :)

  4. I’m so glad you commented so I could find you! I hope Andrea is doing well at school. I love the new design. Keep going, girl!

  5. I found you!!

  6. Heyyyy!!! You look great! Really diggin the dress and I’m glad you’re not experiencing any complications in the boob department.

    I was wondering what happened to you and I’m glad you dropped by:-)

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