A Missing Body, by Agatha Krissy

Early Sunday morning Andrea came home from school to attend church with me.  Driving us there, I noticed my side mirror had been bumped and I rolled down the window and popped it back into place, not giving it a second thought, but, foreshadowing(!!)…

So, okay, we sit through church.  Yadda yadda.  Amen and amen.

When it’s over and we walk back to my car, I notice something.

Dent and blood:

Blood splatters:

Andrea:  “Mommy, who’d you kill?!”

Me:  “Hey, who’d I kill?!”

I mean seriously, what? We looked in the trunk, but no body or anything.  How could I have hit someone recently and not known it?

Back at my complex I was able to obtain the same parking spot and aha!  Clues.

Blood on tire rim and splatters on pavement:

Blood on curb:

Blood leading up the sidewalk:


… all up the sidewalk and then back into the parking lot where it finally disappeared.

Andrea said I should call the police but I thought she was just overreacting until a friend later told me I should and so I did.  But I was afraid I’d be disappointed, which I was.  Where’s Dexter?  How could you not send the blood splatter analyst – I mean, seriously?  You’re not taking any DNA?  Complete waste of time, though the cops did fuel my drama.  “That is a LOT of blood.”  “Look how it splatters all across the hood to the left and then onto the door to the right.”  “Someone really got into it.”

“I know, right?” I encouraged.  “And then they probably had to get treated at the vet!  You know… because they’re wanted.”

Blank stares.

And no body.

And a dented car.

But a mystery!  And those are delicious.

(So is this).

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4 thoughts on “A Missing Body, by Agatha Krissy

  1. tim

    Solve this crime and you can check that off your list…

  2. I’m just as disappointed!!! Where’s the body man! Who did it?

  3. Spyder

    Fight in the parking lot?

  4. Michele

    Bloody hell! (HA. ha. HAAAA. I said bloody). But I’d be PISSED that my car got dented.

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