On the Case

Regarding solving the missing body crime and crossing it off my life list…  I think if I did some more asking around (specifically to the alleged suspects), I could simply get the story, no solving involved.

Consensus among my neighbors is it had to be these 20-somethings that live in front of where I parked that are always having parties. They think someone threw someone against my car during a fisticuffs. Brenda… they have a balcony. Someone could have been THROWN OFF THE BALCONY and THEN against my car during the altercation.

Whatever’s more sensational.

Along the same lines, I went to an author’s reading here last night:

Someone told about a dream they kept having where they opened a door in an old huge home and blah blah blah (something that made everyone gasp and get excited)… the thing was, the author said “I have that dream, too!” and others nodded in agreement.  Ridiculously I chimed in:  “I have a recurring dream where all my teeth fall out.  I can’t stop them, they just keep falling out.”

Oh well.  I think it was the dark red wine we were drinking and the heady scent of the used-books part of the store.

Inhale… ahhhh.  Aromatherapy for a bibliophile.


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