You Gotta Have Goals

It’s fun to come across clients with ridiculous names.  I mean, Minnie Van.  How can it not make your day to talk to her?

But there are some addresses that just make you exhale and say “ahhhh.”  And those are places we picture ourselves living now that an unintentional game has started among us at work.   When somebody got a customer on “Easy Street,” Jeannie (whose husband is unemployed and spends her paychecks at the casinos) said “I want to live there!”  Deborah, who cusses like a sailor and gets written up once a month for being rude to clients but loves Jesus, wants to live on Church View Road.

Our boss will retire on Anguish Court because, well, it’s just so perfect.

But I could never find my dream address.  People would offer, “Kriss-sssy… how about Enchanted Lane!”

“Too Disney.”

“Moonrise Street?”

“Too new age.”

“Treehouse Road?”

“Sharon called it.”

They gave up.  I was just too picky.

Today as I was talking to an older man on the phone about his mortgage insurance, his voice morphed into Charlie Brown’s teacher and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying because I was so fixated on one line on my computer screen.

“I’m sorry, sir?  You live on Lovers Lane??”

He chuckled in a way that said he was used to the response and that he was still tickled by it.  “Yes.  I really do.”  By the end of the conversation I learned he had lived on Lovers Lane with his “beautiful wife for the past 47 years.”


I know where I’m gonna live.

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5 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Goals

  1. Brenda

    You sound a bit more upbeat. We don’t have a Lover’s Lane in Ames but we do have a town named What Cheer. Perhaps they have a Lover’s Lane and we could get house next door to each other.

    I just had a vision of the two of us in matching outfits playing Bingo at all the American Legion Halls in a 50 mile radius.

  2. Brenda I always have that vision of us.

  3. Where I live, there’s an intersection between Hooker Street and Fairy Street, but I live on Church Street, so I think I’m supposed to condemn them both to Hell.

  4. Only if your Church St. is very narrow.

  5. Brenda

    Very witty Krissy.

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