Mix It Up

My good friend, Fool, has been encouraging me to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Every November I’ve talked such shit about that thing, I can’t believe I just linked to it.  Not sure why it’s always bugged me – well I know there’s the sheep factor (when I want to write a novel, I’ll write a novel), and the name, good God.  And the fact that it inspired the even uglier named NaBloPoMo (again with the link?) which leads to awful postings around the web like “Well I’m really tired but I had to write something so this is my post.”


Still I feel I can’t say no to Fool.  I’ll just put my own twist on it.  I’m making up a cocktail of Nano, Nablo, with a splash of Six-Word Memoirs.  I’ll call it the Krissytini.  Ha!  That was stupid.

But I will.

Basically I’m going to write each day in November, slap it on my blog, and these writings will be limited to only six words.

So there’s that to look forward to in November.

My life? Don’t be jealous.

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