Happily Married

I was talking about money woes with Brenda when she said this:

“The other day I was flipping channels and came across Indecent Proposal.  Ya know…  a million dollars?…  I’d fuck somebody else for five thousand!”

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9 thoughts on “Happily Married

  1. I’d fuck someone for free if he pays the tab! ;) I had no idea you were back around. I suck.s

  2. Bwahahaha!

  3. So is it you or Brenda who’d do the ‘down ‘n dirty’ for 5 grand?

  4. LMAO!!!

  5. Brenda

    Actually, I am upping my price to 29,999. That is what I need to buy something my husband and I want really bad (oh, plus shipping?)

  6. Sassy, I’m not married so it doesn’t matter who I fuck. It was espoused Brenda who said she’d give it up for just 5 grand. Can’t up your price now, B! lol.

  7. Michele

    shee-it. I do it free at least once a week. *snort*

  8. Hahahaaaaa!

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