Crazy Love

Last night I had this dream in which I was talking to a therapist about past relationships and how they all failed and she asked me what the one thing was that they all had in common.  We all know the answer to this, right?  The correct answer is, “Well, me,” and then the therapist smiles all proud of herself and counts up in her head the money she’ll make off me every Thursday trying to work through why I choose the wrong men, do the wrong things, or whatever it is that makes “me” the common denominator of doomed relationships.

But in the dream I didn’t even think of that answer.  In the dream I started counting off old affections in chronological order on my fingers while saying aloud, “He was crazy about me… and he was crazy about me… and I was crazy about him…  I know!  We’re all CRAZY!”

And then I shook my therapist’s hand happily and said, “I knew it was something interesting!” and left.

I want to be more like my subconscious.

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