This time last year I was meeting people left and right.  I’d joined a dating website and, as I well know how people can misrepresent themselves online, the first thing I’d always say was “when can we meet.”

I met over 20 guys that way.

This time this year it seems I’ve lost all interest.  Of course it could be the people whom “friends” have been saying they’ll hook me up with.  Just 3 examples:

  1. The 20-something year old college student.
  2. The tiny little Indian man – I mean, I could fit him in my pocket.
  3. The live-in boyfriend of a 50-something coworker.  “You can sleep with him!”  I think she was insulted that I balked.  (!)

I don’t want to say I give up… but I may or may not be thinking it.

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8 thoughts on “Next

  1. Oh my goodness, yes Krissy, people misrepresent themselves something awful!!! One guy put this picture up of a fairly ‘hot’ middle aged man … hmmm, not bad me thought. We chatted a couple times on im, then one day I see this picture on his profile – 20 years older and what looked like a million pounds more … rotflol.

    I met some awesome people, had some freaks harass me, marriage proposals from complete strangers, fabulous dinners, some who think a single mom just needs sex (some do I guess), or those who openly admitted that was all they were after, ended up dating a photographer (he’s a facebook friend lol) and a tax consultant (who still does my tax from free) – but then, found G-man and guess what, he was on the same site as me!

    I do hope you find someone!

    Huggles gal!

  2. Sassy: I think I met all the same guys you did!! Except G-man, of course.

  3. Xavier Onassis

    I seem to have lost all interest too. Not even trying anymore. I’ll take a nice, relaxed evening with a friend over a date with a stranger any time.

  4. Brenda

    Yeah, me too. I have lot all interest in internet dating. Besides, we all know those things never work out.

    love ya

  5. Brenda

    LOL – actually I have lost not lot all interest.

  6. Oh Brenda, give it up, little miss “met your husband in a chat room ten years ago.” lol

  7. Brenda

    EXCUUUUSSSSEEEEE me but it was 9 years ago.

  8. Brenda

    Gordon Gunderson



    Karma – ain’t it a bitch??

    Love ya

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