My Christmas Tree

Since moving to the apartment in July, I nod out the balcony every night at KC’s weather beacon and say “That’s my Christmas tree.”  The Mexican always said that, but since I moved down here I’ve been claiming it as my own.

So I’m not getting a tree this year because I already have one and I’ve pared down my ornaments to just the favorites.  Wanna see?

Do you like the stockings?  I love them.  That’s my stiletto boot and Andrea’s ice skating one.

Hanging mittens remind me of coming inside to mom’s hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

Made by Andrea around 3rd or 4th grade:


That evokes such nostalgia for years dad would chop down a tree that we picked.

Every time I move, I get a “new home” ornament for that Christmas.  This one is simply a key, but the message is powerful:

“Your heart will always lead you home.”

In front of the TV:

Coffee table:

Hey, I have an indoor Christmas tree after all…

I do believe my heart led me here.  If I ask myself if I miss the house, my answer is, honestly, not one little bit.  (Okay, maybe the jacuzzi tub… come on).

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