Don’t be tardy for the party.

Last night I took three “before party” self portraits prior to leaving around 7pm.  Upon arriving home 7am, I took an “after party” shot.  I mean PICTURE!  Good God, not another shot.

Don’t judge, I’ve had a rough year.  Honestly, I don’t know why my doctor didn’t just prescribe ouzo in the first place.

Before pictures…

Fakest smile ever:

Looks like I have herpes of the mouth – might be good to know:


There are fourteen photos taken during the fun, too dark to make out.  Then suddenly, this:

The girl who had the party is married to a cop.  He was out of town, but expressions of his cop-ness were everywhere.  Pictures, plaques, guns, and the way anytime you walked into any room or area of the yard you hadn’t been a magnificent motion light shone upon you.  Whoosh.  Police spotlight!  It was like a minefield!

And in the midst of his badass paranoia, he collects antique spoons.  We all laughed until his wife got defensive.  “It’s his hobby.  What?”  And again I say:  HAHAHAHA.


Police spotlight!  Whoa.  Turn that thing off.

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One thought on “Don’t be tardy for the party.

  1. now that’s plain strange … spoons. There goes the bad-ass cop persona.

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