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Apartment Complex(ities)

2AM last night I was awoken by this coming from neighbor’s front door:

  1. knock-knock-knock-knock-knock
  2. “Denise!  Niecie!  Denise!  Denise!”
  3. “Baby?  Baby?  Baby?  Baby?”
  4. “Aww come on.”
  5. pound-pound-pound

And repeat about a hundred times.  It was the same sequence every time!  I was both sympathetic and impressed.  Denise, he sounded sorry!  Denise?  Baby?  Aww fuck it.

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In Need of Assistance

The machines are trying to communicate with Allison and I at work.  First, her computer called her a foo.

Don’t believe me?

“Problem with shortcut.  FOO.”

Then a few weeks ago she came back from the printer room eyeing me suspiciously, asking “Krissy did you print this??”

“No… I didn’t!  I really didn’t!”  (Really, I didn’t) so we got a good two days coming up with theories on who (the printer) needed help and what (something HORRIBLE) they needed help with.

TODAY!  I went to the printer room and stumbled upon these…

God I wish there had been a fourth sheet saying:  HURRY

But the printer needs help and it’s something regarding us getting http 1.0.  We’ll get mileage out of this for the rest of the week.

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NOOOOO! And by no, I mean YESSSSS!

Client at work, as shown in the system, before and after she got married:

Martha Epanty

Martha Epanty-Shields

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One morning of this painfully cold, dark, icy winter I flew open the door to my building at work and yelled, “I HATE everyone who has a garage! …Or a MAN!”

This morning since the alarm went off I’ve been thinking, “Or a job they can BLOG and READ BLOGS FROM!”

I miss blogging regularly and all that goes with it.  Any drama going on?  I did make it to the last Kansas City Blogger meetup in spite of the weather, which felt familiar and right.  Spyder cracked me up the way she said, “You haven’t been to one of these in how long?  WAY TOO DAMN!”  I love our Ms. Moneypenny.

And now I’m going off the blogging grid for yet another day at the coal mine.  I’ll be back tonight when I’m too sleepy and lazy to do anything but thaw out and watch The Bad Girls Club.  Don’t judge, Jersey Shore isn’t on tonight.

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Under the Sea Tree

The “aquarium” I created for Andrea is her favorite thing in her room.  It’s my favorite thing in her room, too.  When just her side lamp is on and the ceiling fan is blowing, the things glisten and stir as if real.


I’d never seen a mermaid self-conscious about her tummy before:

Every tree needs a star at the top:

And the most amazing thing about the tree aquarium is that I found a jellyfish ornament:

Those things are weird.  But Andrea loves em.

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Well hello, Twenty-Ten.

I have high hopes for you.

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