Under the Sea Tree

The “aquarium” I created for Andrea is her favorite thing in her room.  It’s my favorite thing in her room, too.  When just her side lamp is on and the ceiling fan is blowing, the things glisten and stir as if real.


I’d never seen a mermaid self-conscious about her tummy before:

Every tree needs a star at the top:

And the most amazing thing about the tree aquarium is that I found a jellyfish ornament:

Those things are weird.  But Andrea loves em.

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6 thoughts on “Under the Sea Tree

  1. This is just gorgeous Krissy.

  2. Love the sea tree! What gorgeous ornaments.

  3. Spyder

    Very cool!

  4. maybe the mermaid is pregnant, and her dad doesn’t know yet??

  5. Only you, Jud. LOL

  6. Wow, what a cool idea. where did you get all those? Just collected them over time? So cool!

    Haha, funny comment by jud.

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