One morning of this painfully cold, dark, icy winter I flew open the door to my building at work and yelled, “I HATE everyone who has a garage! …Or a MAN!”

This morning since the alarm went off I’ve been thinking, “Or a job they can BLOG and READ BLOGS FROM!”

I miss blogging regularly and all that goes with it.  Any drama going on?  I did make it to the last Kansas City Blogger meetup in spite of the weather, which felt familiar and right.  Spyder cracked me up the way she said, “You haven’t been to one of these in how long?  WAY TOO DAMN!”  I love our Ms. Moneypenny.

And now I’m going off the blogging grid for yet another day at the coal mine.  I’ll be back tonight when I’m too sleepy and lazy to do anything but thaw out and watch The Bad Girls Club.  Don’t judge, Jersey Shore isn’t on tonight.

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6 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. That Jersey Shore…man! They are hardcore.

  2. I love The Jersey Shore. It’s addicting, isn’t it?

  3. Spyder

    Luv you too! So glad you came. Keep doing that!

  4. I wish I had a job I could read blogs from, too. They technically aren’t blocked, but they do block all photos, which makes most of the blogs I read (food and home decor) worthless.

  5. Yes, Jersey Shore is addicting. I love to hate “The Situation” and I simply love Snookie.

    Thanks, Spyder :)

    I hear ya, Jenn.

  6. I wish there were bloggers around me, then again the ones who have the “meetups” near me I don’t read…oh well.

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