In Need of Assistance

The machines are trying to communicate with Allison and I at work.  First, her computer called her a foo.

Don’t believe me?

“Problem with shortcut.  FOO.”

Then a few weeks ago she came back from the printer room eyeing me suspiciously, asking “Krissy did you print this??”

“No… I didn’t!  I really didn’t!”  (Really, I didn’t) so we got a good two days coming up with theories on who (the printer) needed help and what (something HORRIBLE) they needed help with.

TODAY!  I went to the printer room and stumbled upon these…

God I wish there had been a fourth sheet saying:  HURRY

But the printer needs help and it’s something regarding us getting http 1.0.  We’ll get mileage out of this for the rest of the week.

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2 thoughts on “In Need of Assistance

  1. My theory: Someone in your office is being held hostage near a computer and typed out a plea for help – probably while their captor had his back turned, given the brevity of the message – in hopes that the next person to visit the printer will call the police. The hostage taker is Mr. T.

  2. That is entirely too creepy.

    Am now way creeped out.

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