41 and thrice divorced

  1. I did the rush thing.
  2. I did the absolutely refuse/no way in hell/not ever again but then gave in thing.
  3. I did the damn slow and cautious thing.

It’s time I do nothing.

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4 thoughts on “41 and thrice divorced

  1. Judi

    Mmmmmmmm. Im 45 and on #4, life sucks sometimes. But 4 has been the charm – course, now I know who I am and what I want/need and chose accordingly. It can work, honest. #4 is going on 11 years valentines day and I am still hot for him.

    BTW, off subject… I saw these on a food site and they reminded me of you – havent tried them but….


  2. Meredith

    Divorce has nothing to do with WHO you are, it is just something you’ve done. I’ve eaten donuts at least a kazillion times and I’m fat. But that fat is not who I am.

    Figure out who you are, the rest will follow, I believe.

    Lots of extra love today!

  3. Just don’t do the internet thing – that stuff never works out.

  4. Shew, I tried it twice and although am in a ‘relationship’ am terrified of trying it again and not even sure most days if I should continue with where I’m at. sigh. It’s hard .. and I often have the question “can I actually be in a relationship” successfully and the little voice says ‘no’ way too often. It sucks!

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