Can’t say God doesn’t know me.

I once read you can tell an angel is near if you catch a whiff of flowers in a room in which there are none.

Every Sunday I smell comforting, tantalizing meat slow cooking all day long.  Maybe someone in my building has a tradition… but I think it’s my pot roast angel!

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5 thoughts on “Can’t say God doesn’t know me.

  1. I want a pot roast angel.

  2. I smell dog/human poo and/or farts all the time while I don’t see any of it lying around and my company says he/she didn’t fart either… I wonder what THAT means!

  3. Don’t hate, Brenda. And Catlin, best case you have a puppy angel. I’m not getting into talk of demons here… or pathological “company.” lol.

  4. Mmmmm pot roast!! LOL!

  5. Last night at work I kept smelling wet dog – I knew it was from trash can and/or the wet rugs but every time I walked past that area the thought of a puppy angel came to mind.

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