Beautiful Girl

I love Andrea’s hair.  Over the past few months she’d say, “I wonder what I’d look like if I cut my hair?” and I’d say “NOOOOO!”

It was a love we have in common, at least, because she tells me to never cut my hair so I can be a pretty granny with long, gray hair.  Nice.

Photo booth pictures of Andrea and friend and Andrea’s hair:

Ryan and Andrea’s hair:

Off to get a trim:

But wait!  Dude talked us into getting some length off!  LOVE it!  (It’s still long).

Oh it doesn’t stop there.  Me before:

My hair:

And after:

Still technically long but it feels damn good to have that old, old hair chopped off and thrown in the trash.

(But I am glad our hair grows like weeds.  Don’t think I’ll be cutting it soon).

This weekend was mother/daughter weekend at A’s college.  Friday night was music and dessert…

and gabbing with all the other mothers and daughters.  Saturday was a fancy brunch.  They took our picture which I cannot wait to get because after some snapshots like this:

…Andrea stood up and declared that she didn’t like this stuffy, old-fashioned posing and hugged me tight instead.  We saw that picture on the monitor and it’s fantastic.

At one point in the banquet, they played a video of some of the girls saying stuff to their mothers.  It was hard to take pictures of the screen because I was trying not to cry, but right when Andrea said on camera, “and mommy I know you’re probably starting to cry about now…” is exactly the point I was losing it.

She knows me well.

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Girl

  1. She is such a gem…I miss her.

  2. I gasped when I saw your new hair. It’s FABULOUS!

  3. Out with the old hair-in with your new life. Y’all both look great!!

  4. Oh crap – these posts make me cry!

    You looking stunning and your hair looks fabulous …!


  5. Spyder

    You are such a great mom! Miss you! Lunch some time soon?

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