1,000 Miles

Right before senior year of high school I dated this guy for the summer.  It was 1985.  That’s long enough ago to make a silver wedding anniversary.

A few years ago we caught up with each other and I learned he was in San Francisco, married and raising a family.

Then he popped up again a few weeks ago sending me a friend request on facebook.  He said he’s divorced and living in AZ.  I said, oh yeah?  I’m divorced and living in KS.

We’ve been talking on the phone alot.  The thing I remembered most about dating him when we were 16 was the day the doorbell rang and my little sister and mom yelled “Krissy!  Come here!” and he’d spelled out “Krissy I love you” in sticks of juicy fruit gum on the porch.

What he remembers most is my dartboard with a picture of my ex-boyfriend in the middle with his eyes torn out.  (I had forgotten all about that! hee).

I’m going to Tucson to visit my sister soon.  Am I going to see the cowboy?  Yes.  I’m excited.

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3 thoughts on “1,000 Miles

  1. Well, holla. Keep us updated!

  2. You got game girl! :-)

  3. Go you! we need pics!

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