Love Me I Am Crazy

Post coming soon about Andrea, Ryan’s and my roadtrip to the Psychiatric Museum… housed in what used to be Missouri State Lunatic Asylum #2!

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5 thoughts on “Love Me I Am Crazy

  1. Brenda

    I have been there – years ago with my abnormal pysch. class – did you see the post of all the things that one lady swallowed? It is an erie place.

  2. Way too freaky and creepy – how barbaric are those treatments. Hope you doing great otherwise sweets

  3. Judi

    What’s up? Haven’t heard from you in a while….

  4. joaaanna

    Hope you are ok – I’ve followed you this far and don’t want to stop now. You are a talented writer and I like the way you tell your stories. Take care~

  5. meredith

    I’m with the other girls. Hoping you haven’t disappeared into the abyss of the internet. We don’t let go easily ;)

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