The Gods Must Be Crazy

One of the best things about the Glore Psychiatric Museum (once “State Lunatic Asylum No. 2”) that illustrates the horrific history of the treatment of mental illness is the 1960’s glamor department store mannequins.  “Now that my eye shadow is perfect, I’m ready for my lobotomy…”

We also saw the Valley of the Dolls acting out hydrotherapy, “wet sheet packs” (wrapped in icy cold sheets), and the “fever cabinet” which induced malaria used to halt other conditions.  “On occasion, the patient died from the malaria.”

The prettiest of them all was the Lunatic Box lady:

What are Andrea and Ryan looking at?

Oh, just a shadowbox of primitive clubs.  Otherwise known as tranquilizers…

No lie:


We looked at this for a long time.  Some lady swallowed all this stuff!  She died during the operation to remove the nails, screws, buttons, tacks, and kitchen sink.


There were lots of different restraint cages. Yikes:

Still, even her bare feet were in permanent high heel pose.

With the sewing machine actually running, this was the creepiest display of all.  The patients learned various skills and crafts but this was too Norman Bates’ mother…

This was all of our favorites:

I think I’ll do another post just for it.

Back rub therapy!:


Human hamster wheel, witch burning, cold water dousing… there is just way too much going on in this picture:

Don’t break a nail:

Let’s get out of here!

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3 thoughts on “The Gods Must Be Crazy

  1. I am so glad that my insanity is 21st century insanity.

  2. meredith

    Starting to wonder if they incarcerated you in that museum!

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