New Day

I’m home.  In the kitchen, my calendar hangs on April.

It’s June.

Six weeks of inpatient treatment four states over will do that to a calendar.

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8 thoughts on “New Day

  1. How are you? what’s going on???

  2. Yeah! Where you been? We missed you! You okay?

  3. I’m better than I was. Life really sucks sometimes and I had to go learn how to better deal. I mostly went due to depression, relationship addiction, and still grieving the horrors of divorce. :(

  4. Brenda

    Love the new look. That’s that good thing about calenders. Just flip it to June and get on, they don’t expect any explanations. Love you so much and so glad that you are back home.

  5. Nuke

    So glad to see you back. I hope your little trip helped, because you deserve to do/be better. Hope to see you round the blog/block more often.

  6. I started squealing like a total fan-girl when I saw a new post from you.
    love, love, love you Reenie!

  7. Spyder

    Call me! Email me! What ever! Let’s do lunch or coffee…

  8. You”ve been missed.

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