12 Encouraging Things

Whenever I see the following things I cannot help but think of God.  And feel happy.

  1. Trees – home to birds, animals, treehouses and fairies.
  2. Roads – take me on adventures, exploring, wind in my hair.
  3. Open Windows – bring in fresh air, birds’ and windchimes’ music, dancing curtains.
  4. Books – symbolize reading, writing, and dreaming.
  5. Black Olives – remind me of my family and heritage.
  6. Hearts – represent my romantic nature, God, and Real Love.
  7. Colors – jewels, wineries, stainglass, wildflowers, lipsticks, nailpolish – beautiful colors are kisses from God.
  8. Baby Animals – remind me of Andrea and symbolize hope, possibilities, and cuteness.
  9. Maps – help me see and study where I am and where I could go.
  10. Myself and others laughing – brings me into the moment, (honor all feelings even the good ones!)
  11. Sunny blue skies with threatening clouds – Majestic and beautiful, telling me storms will be coming but they always pass.
  12. Lamplight from a cute house – symbolizes warmth and coziness.  Somebody is waiting up.

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2 thoughts on “12 Encouraging Things

  1. I forgot how pretty the picture is…The colors are awesome.

  2. It’s no wonder I’ve always loved your painting so much, Brenda. It’s only got like numbers 1, 2, 7, and 11 all in one!

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