Good God, the candle’s getting stumpy and the banner, raggedy.

I was thinking today about all the places I’ve hung that banner.  It was at Andrea’s first birthday in the house we lived when she was born.  Her dad still lives in that very house, however, Andrea and I have moved a few times.

There was the 1 bedroom apartment on the ground floor next to the laundry room.  The washers would periodically overflow and we’d wake up and stretch only to set our feet down on a squishy carpet.  Man I don’t miss that.

Then we moved to a 2 bedroom upstairs apartment.  It even had 2 baths.  When someone was murdered the next building over and my dad saw it on the news, he insisted on helping us move somewhere else.

So we got a townhouse.  I loved that place with its 3 levels – main, upstairs bedrooms, and basement.  It was decorated colorfully and cute and it was huge.  Andrea made great friends there and cried and cried when we had to move.

We moved after R and I got married because we wanted to buy a house, preferably somewhere Andrea could actually go to public school, because her pricey private school had been really the only option while at the townhouse.

She loved public school, so we stayed in the same school district when we moved to a new house we had built and lived there til she graduated.

And then, again, it was just Andrea and I as we moved into a little 2 bedroom apartment.  And that is where I find myself today.  I like it but it’s just too expensive for me to stay.

My hero dad is helping us get into a different place yet again, so we will be moving late this summer.  That will be the 8th place Andrea has lived.  The 8th place her birthday banner will hang and (if we stay until she’s 21) the last place her birthday candle will burn.

Ew I don’t like the sound of that last part.  I really don’t.  I’ll just have to find a 22+ birthday candle…. if I have to make one myself.

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3 thoughts on “19

  1. Nuke

    That is one heck of a candle, never seen anything like it. Did it start at 1?
    It looks like you young ladies had a nice evening, and I noticed yellow frosting and candles carrying over the theme from your previous post. I think it is very sweet that you remember all of Andrea’s birthdays as I don’t remember all of my own (and not just the drinking ones).

  2. Judi

    I love how you have had the same banner and candle for her whole life. That is awesome. I started thinking about how many times I have moved, 16 in the last 30 years (starting when I was 15), that is sad considering I have spent the last 11 1/2 in the same place.

  3. It’s sweet how you’ve kept those 2 things all this time. Happy birthday to Andrea.

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