Picking Report

I was off work today, so Andrea and I went berry picking.  Around these parts, it’s too late for summer blueberry picking, and early for fall blueberry or blackberry.  Just so you know.  Cause we didn’t.

Should all be dark blue, but my God they sure are pretty as they ripen!

Let’s go find the blackberry patches! (Bucket, empty):

Thick humidity makes that walk seem really long…

Okay, these were supposed to be black:

We ate a bunch anyway.  SOW-ER! But, GOR-GEOUS!

(Buckets, empty).

This farm appears to have a gallows for hanging?:

There goes the Blueberry Train:

(Is the kid in black hat watching an in-flight movie?)

It’s not even blueberry stick-candy season:

Mr. Muffin was sorry we only ended up with five berries in our bucket.

Aww, it’s okay.  We just bought some from the gift shop, came home and had THIS:

Then went swimming.  Fantastic summer day.

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3 thoughts on “Picking Report

  1. superbrendah

    What a great, beautiful, funny day!

  2. Hi, Krissy, nice to meet you on my blog, thought I would come on over to meet Ya! That guy at the rally in the man cave…it was really weird…he introduced me to this lady as his wife…but , people that I talked to at the rally said he was not married…hmmmmm…I must have missed something “D

    Anyway, glad you got to go out and enjoy your summer day off with some delicious berries.
    And, Very nice to meet ya, thanx for taking the time to say Hi!


  3. Mr. Sad Muffin cracked me up.

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