Freaking Out Over Here

Well that job didn’t last long.  This temping thing is getting to me.  I need money.

I admitted my fantasy to Brenda, if I was thin enough, about just being a hooker.  Brenda asked, “Have you not ever SEEN Cops?  It’s not whether you’re thin enough… it’s whether you’re addicted-to-crack enough!”

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4 thoughts on “Freaking Out Over Here

  1. nuke

    Sorry to hear bout the job. With a little luck you will find something quickly.

    I gotta ask tho, was Brenda your boss? Was the whole hooker thing why you lost the job? I mean it could be a separate thing, but with them so close together it kinda made me wonder. Some things you don’t share with the boss ;-)

  2. Ha! It did read like that didn’t it. No, the two were completely unrelated. I’m just feeling desperate for money, hence the illegal income talk.

  3. Girl, I’m sure something will come up … you know how God loves the 11th hour. Just hang in there. Huggles

  4. Jud

    Seriously, honey…I can pimp you out big time….LoL
    are you coming…with us to Jacob’s graduation….you be on the list.

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