It’s Home Tour Time

I moved into this place in September and I’m loving it so far.  Except for the night someone stole my tire right off my car.  I walked outside to warm it up for the drive to work as it was ONE DEGREE and saw this:

But Andrea convinced me it wasn’t personal – that she just knew it was a homeless person – and they really did need it more than I did.  My response was what would a homeless person do with a tire and she said, “Aww they’re living in their car!”  What college does to these kids…

Back to happy-safe thoughts!  I found the pictures I took before I moved in so I can do the before and after thing.  The first room I put together was Andrea’s.  Totally inconsequential since she had already moved into the dorm, but I missed her.  Plus her room is always one of my favorites.

Andrea’s room (and Andrea) before:


She’s got a gorgeous huge tree outside her window.  I haven’t painted anything at all, but I’d like to paint at least this wall behind the bed in her room.

My room before:

And after:

This is a split level townhouse, as shown by this picture of Andrea the day we picked it out.  (Lots of painting to be done here, including railings turned to black):

Before picture of stairs leading up to bedrooms:

As it looks now, I’ve hung some family pictures but plan on hanging alot more.  Also, I got this idea I became obsessed with that I wanted to have a tree or something to hang angel ornaments on.  Right now it’s this gold Christmas tree and I don’t want it to look Christmas-y because I want it up year-round, so I may change that out, or change to a white tree.  Maybe that would be better?

I MADE this feather skirt for the bottom. HA!

Just getting started, but this is my favorite so far – “God Bless…Andrea.”

This is the picture hanging near the tree.  I got it when Andrea was a baby because I thought it was exactly what Andrea would look like when she grew up.

Spot on, wasn’t I?

Top of stairs leading to hallway:

It now holds a small bookshelf filled with favorite things.

Picture of Andrea in her (blue and purple) nursery:

Me times 4 at age 3…

That’s it for now on the inside.  I haven’t done hardly anything outside, but this is one thing that’s the talk of the neighborhood kids.  Tree from Andrea’s window before:

And after!  I LOVE this.  Sometimes I look out my kitchen window and smile at the cuteness.

Home Tour part 2 soon to come.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Home Tour Time

  1. Brenda

    Next spring I am going to come to your house and build a little stone walkway. I love that.

  2. Brenda: YES!

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