Still Home Tour Time

Upstairs bathroom before:

And after!  Drastic, right?

I’d really like a sink with a counter instead of this tiny thing.  And also to get rid of that toothbrush holder even though Andrea is using it to hold her mirror.

Speaking of dream improvements, in my bedroom I’d like to replace the plain light fixture with a little chandelier.  Maybe something like this:

The only other thing I want in there is a cat perch for my new kitty.  Chandelier and cat perch depicted in photo below.

Only one upstairs room left… the 3rd bedroom!  How’d I get so lucky?  Andrea and I call it our dressing room.  I had a friend who had an extra room she and her daughters called the princess room.  It’s walls were hot pink and she had a huge desk chair on rollers sitting front of a huge desk covered with makeup, lotions, and perfumes.  There were “Princess” and “Diva” and “Hottie” signs as far as the eye could see.  I wanted a room like that!

I’m not going for that look, but it is to be where Andrea and I can blow dry or curl our hair and put on makeup without sharing that tiny bathroom.

This is what I picture in my head when I say dressing room…

Oh and this sign on the door:

Well, it’s not done and it’s not going to be anything close to that, but that is what I picture.

Stay tuned.

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