I got a cat.

Maybe a month ago?  I suddenly felt the urge to go to the shelter, pick out a cat and (gasp) bring it home!  My whole life I’ve always had pets, but after this divorce I swore off anything else that would require any care – any money – any love – besides mySELF.

It was time.

She was an “inside” cat.  All inside.  Six years old and her owner had died.  I’ve never had an all inside anything, not even Andrea!  “Go play outside!”

The first few nights she woke me up around 3am screaming, as if she was having night tremors.  I almost took her back to the shelter.  Good God I have to get up at 5 for work!

She doesn’t have a melodious voice and her meows always sound like complaints.  She still wails from time to time, but I’ve grown attached and it’s clear I made the right decision.  Even on the name.  She was named after “Rocky,” a man from an Intervention episode because of his epic cry (at second 15) in this clip.

Roxy’s caterwaul could not be more in agreement.

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One thought on “Roxy

  1. What a beautiful kitty! She’s very lucky to have you.

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