Throwing Caution To It

I met a woman last spring who told me about her life.  She said, “I liked fast cars, bad boys… and WIND.”  It was the way she said it, emphasizing the word wind with her voice and a toss of her hair.  I stifled a laugh as I came up with variations for her personal ad:  “I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and WIND.”  “I like candlelit dinners, backrubs, and WIND.”

She was worn but beautiful in a way that hard-living couldn’t fully erase.  I think this was because she had come to terms with her life, was at peace in her life.  She was smooth.

When I get ruffled about something unimportant, I like to think of her and be cool.  And you know, there is alot to be said for a good strong wind.

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One thought on “Throwing Caution To It

  1. Oh, I am absolutely LOVING catching up with you. I love your cat and your new place (A NAIL STATION!). More posts! More pictures! (I’m one to make demands like that, right? ha). Love you!

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