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My friend posted this hilarious picture of her childhood-self visiting Frank the Bunny:

What the…?  What mall was THAT?  I STILL can’t look at it without laughing.  And Annie, as she is to this day, all smiling and content.

In contrast I have this picture of Andrea sitting on a perfectly pleasant-looking bunny screaming her head off!


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Well Why Do *I* Care?

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Some Leftovers

I didn’t blog much in 2010 compared to other years.  Going back through odds and end pictures I realize how different this January and February was from last.  Mostly because I work in a completely different setting and type of job.  Last year I was in a cube, and had been for an entire year.

I really loved my co-workers, no one went anywhere without bringing everyone back postcards and Debra (the voice on the other side of this wall) and I were always putting toys on top for the other to laugh at…

Behind me from her indoor-windowed office, Leigh Ann celebrated each holiday and season with gel window clings for the department to enjoy.  Except, oops:

I sung “Let it wong, let it wong, let it wong!” the rest of the winter.  I about died when Cheryl went walking by that office dressed exactly like this window cling display…

We had super secret parties away from those we were tortured by all week.  One, I brought hairclips for all to don the Snooki-Poof (darn no pictures!)…

…and others we did lots of singing.  I was belting out Hollaback Girl here:

And while I hated the feeling of missing the world going by and not even being able to see it (I used to ask Alicia to remind me to get up and look out the window at least once each day), the real problem I had was the crazy, psycho management, whose demeanor was NOT the British government’s old poster and now wayyyy overused merchandised storm of:

But THIS (lots and lots of it):

In April I snapped.

Now I’m not blaming the job – I had major man and money problems going on – and that was probably the best job I ever had.  But I did call one morning after a few “calling in sick” days (during my busiest monthly cut-off) and say I was going to Kentucky and didn’t know if I was ever coming back.  I QUIT! 

I spent 6 weeks on what has got to be the most beautiful 90 acres in all of Kentucky, but took not a single picture except when Andrea visited me one weekend.  And then it was at night, but I love these shots.

When I came home (I did come home, but never went back to that company), Andrea was home from school for the summer.  We started doing yoga together every night and if you think this looks like a cramped and frustrating place to “allow yourself to breathe out the stress of the entire day” you’d be right.  Hee, I can’t help but giggle at how close I made Andrea put her mat to the TV.  At least she wasn’t the one always dinging her fingers on the coffee table…

When one lost their balance, they took the other one with them, which was a great analogy of all I’d learned in Kentucky regarding how I had been as a mother.

Andrea turned 19 in July and wanted “anything yellow,”

and 9 days later I turned 42 and just wanted to stop feeling so sad.  It helped when I came home from a new job that day to my girl:

She even taped “MOMMY” over the “ANDREA” of her big birthday banner. :)

I have kept the vow to not date or be romantic with anyone until I’m ready (which I’m not) but to get together with friends as much as I possibly can.  These two crazy ladies are always checking on me and buying or making me dinner :)

I started going to church with Andrea and fell in love with it.  I hadn’t even realized my girl was growing up without me taking her to church anymore.  She’d gone out and found her own!  One she’s a big part of and I feel like it’s all backwards but the members always welcome me with open arms and hearts.

So have my parents, and so have my siblings, and everyone else I’ve shared with about my emotionally stormy year.  They’ve all opened their hearts to me and really (I just didn’t know or choose to believe it, but) they’d been opened to me all along.

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This is from one of Andrea’s friend’s facebook:

wow there is alot of screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! might be because SCHOOL IS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it IS the first time in 20 years their university has shut down due to weather.  We’ve had a sideways blizzard today with loud winds and ice from yesterday underneath.  Interstate 70 is closed from Kansas City to St. Louis.  Good thing I don’t have to go to the arch today.

My street this afternoon:

Speaking of ice, Andrea programed that before her name in my phone to stand for “in case of emergency”… only I call her boo boo. So every time she calls (for some reason “ICE” comes up twice) it says ICE ICE Boo Boo. hee!!

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Time to Wrap Up Home-Tour Time (for now)

Lots to cover – the whole bottom floor.  This shows the front door and front window in the living room when we picked the place out.  We could’ve paid for them to install carpet, but I chose the cheap roller skating rink look instead!

Again, I’ve done no painting anywhere, just getting all my stuff arranged.  It will look better with some warm colors on the walls:

Of course, this is my favorite look for the room:

Looking from living room into kitchen:

Kitchen BEFORE:

AFTER!  To the right is the backdoor and pantry and laundry area:

Kitchen BEFORE:

I’ve got a pretty green paint color picked out for the walls and a small oven hood with light. (They leave out the weirdest things!)

For instance, there was no pantry in the pantry!  I mean, it was just an open closet!  This shows how I nailed an over the door organizer to the wall and threw everything else on the floor:

Until DAD came over!

Dad installed shelves and now my pantry is usable and beautiful!

Downstairs bathroom and this completes our tour for now :)

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