Time to Wrap Up Home-Tour Time (for now)

Lots to cover – the whole bottom floor.  This shows the front door and front window in the living room when we picked the place out.  We could’ve paid for them to install carpet, but I chose the cheap roller skating rink look instead!

Again, I’ve done no painting anywhere, just getting all my stuff arranged.  It will look better with some warm colors on the walls:

Of course, this is my favorite look for the room:

Looking from living room into kitchen:

Kitchen BEFORE:

AFTER!  To the right is the backdoor and pantry and laundry area:

Kitchen BEFORE:

I’ve got a pretty green paint color picked out for the walls and a small oven hood with light. (They leave out the weirdest things!)

For instance, there was no pantry in the pantry!  I mean, it was just an open closet!  This shows how I nailed an over the door organizer to the wall and threw everything else on the floor:

Until DAD came over!

Dad installed shelves and now my pantry is usable and beautiful!

Downstairs bathroom and this completes our tour for now :)

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One thought on “Time to Wrap Up Home-Tour Time (for now)

  1. Looks great!

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