Time flies when you’re getting shots.

Two short years ago Andrea graduated from high school and I gave her a set of luggage and this book:

I’m remembering this because in May she is going to Africa!  Kansas City> Atlanta > Amsterdam >Nairobi by plane.  Then to the Kenyan village of Siaya by bus.  I am thrilled for her!  And jealous!

Me taking Andrea for her baby vaccinations, 1991:

And required for travel to Kenya, 2011:

Still my baby and that may have even been the same “mean old nurse.” ;)

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3 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re getting shots.

  1. You know what’s fun to do? Go to Google Earth and map out here entire trip and then play it back. It takes you from location to location like you are Superman flying from spot to spot. I did that when Elizabeth went to Australia for 3 weeks. Awesome!

  2. That DOES sound like fun! I haven’t used Google Earth since it first came out… do you mean just put in those main cities that I listed? I will probably be coming to you with more questions about this…

  3. And I don’t remember knowing your girl went to AUSTRALIA!! Did you blog about that? And to think you were worried about WESTPORT!

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