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How to Make a South American Quilt

A quilt was delivered today for Andrea from R’s mom.  I forgot all about this thing.  She had asked Andrea her senior year of high school what colors she wanted and, after I suggested school colors of the university to which she’d just been accepted, Andrea scoffed “you know I’m not all into the school spirit thing” and listed her favorite colors of the moment instead.

“Jungle Green and Neon Orange!”

I wouldn’t have remembered but boy I’ll never forget now!  It’s gorgeous!

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Pretty Kitty

I love my new kitty.  The place I adopted  her from said she was 6 years old, but the vet said she’s at least 11.  Well, she’s affectionate and beautiful no matter what her age.

But.  With the coming of spring I could not keep up with the mats in her hair and the shedding.  The vet said we should shave her and start all over.  So she went from this:

To this:

I try so hard not to laugh every time she walks into the room, but she looks like a school mascot with just the head on.

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