A Post of Recent Facebook Statuses

  • Found out I get to go on field trip with my class to the morgue. I’m excited. I need to get that app that says everywhere I am so one day soon you’ll all read: “Kristine just checked in at the city morgue..”
  • In 2 days Andrea leaves for Africa.. :-|
  • Today was church and now last minute preparations for Andrea’s trip. And this convo..

Andrea: They allow us to buy machetes, so I am going to get one.

Me: Why would you get a machete?

Andrea: Why wouldn’t I??

  • She left..
  • High school basketball team was practicing at my gym and I heard that squeak-squeak-squeak of sneakers the entire time I was there. I love that! That’s probably in my top 20 favorite sounds.
  • Andrea called me today. I never answer the phone if it doesn’t say who, but I knew it was her so I did. We spoke less than a minute. She’s well and excited and I’m thrilled she got to call me even though she doesn’t have a Swahili accent yet. :)
  • When I was pregnant with Andrea, I read a quote that stuck with me these past 20 years:  “To have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  Right now my heart is walking around Siaya, Kenya, and I’ve no way to contact her except through my thoughts. It’s quite a feeling.
  • Phone rang just after midnight and it seems I spent the couple minutes with Andrea just trying to wake up. Now she’s gone and I’m wide awake.
  • Just got home from playing dice to find a spider on my bed. What do I do now??
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