The Man Cleanse

I’m going on one year and 3 months of my self-imposed no-man diet.  When it first began I didn’t know if I could do it or not but I knew I had to try.  It’s been an adventure.  At first, of course, it sucked.  It sucked real bad.  But around about the 6-month mark things turned around and I felt a huge sense of relief.  Every time co-workers and friends complained about the men in their lives I felt thankful and blessed that all I had to worry about was me.  I was done navigating the eggshells of conflict and pissy moods.  Life was growing fun.

At about 9 months the thought of having a boyfriend actually made me feel nauseous.  Then around 11 months to a year came spring which seemed to awaken my body and spring fever.  I dreamed of loving most nights and started to feel a little impatient for affection.

Late spring things calmed down and I honestly can say I have found my new normal.  The thought of love doesn’t turn me off but it isn’t the meaning or reason for my life, either.  I’m fine with or without a man.  I’m not always happy, but I’m for sure not always (or even mostly) sad.  I’m at peace.. which is the best thing of all in my opinion.

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8 thoughts on “The Man Cleanse

  1. So proud of you!

  2. Aw girl, this made me so happy. I can’t even tell you how proud I am of you and the things you’ve accomplished these past couple years. I love you! And am always thinking of you and missing you tons.

  3. I’m proud too (even though I don’t “know” know you)!
    I hate it that I’ve been with someone since puberty, with a hiatus of about one year. It was a great year. And I don’t see myself as a desperate girl, seeking affirmation and attention but it seems like I cannot be alone.
    But you’re doing it, homey, good for you!

  4. Thanks, you guys, it means the world!! :)

  5. Are you allowed to read comments from men on you blog?

  6. Haha – yes, Tim. I just haven’t been dating or sleeping with them.

  7. This is great!!! Very proud of you too.

  8. Thank you, Candi :)

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