No idea.

Today has been a yucky day, filled with anxiety for no reason and a hundred little reasons.  Ugh.  So I’m posting pictures that make me smile.  Saturday I went and saw my parents.  I love driving up their street.

The tree in their front yard is always whistling at them!

This year Andrea wanted a fruit pizza for her birthday cake.  Those are so much fun to make..

Anytime I can work an Abbott & Costello routine into the day I’m going to be up for it.  So when caller I.D. showed this is who was calling, I was sorry Andrea wasn’t home:

I would’ve said “Get the phone it’s Important!” And she would’ve said “Who is it??” “I said it’s Important!”  “Well WHO IS IT??”  “It really is Important!”  ah hahaha..  Yeah this isn’t working all that well.  I’m gonna pick up two iced teas and run over to a friend’s house.  Even though it’s 104 degrees, her deck may be just what I need.

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